10 Amazing Years!

Dear Friends, Clients, and Colleagues,

The day has finally come, Asquared Studios has reached a milestone and we wanted to extend a hearty thank you! It is with great pleasure that we announce our 10th anniversary! Ten years of hard work, sincere referrals, repeat clients, and most importantly long lasting friendships. We appreciate all of the time and resources that each of you have brought to us to help us get to where we are today. Thank you for trusting us with your dreams.  This trust has not only allowed us to amass an amazing portfolio of work, but has attributed to the strengthening of the bond and professional respect that the managing partners have with each other.

Asquared Studios was imagined in 2004 by Jessie Whitesides, Tony Garcia, and Vince Stroop.  We were sitting on the floor around a coffee table, re-united for a significant birthday celebration, sharing the trials and tribulations that each of us were facing with our current employments. For hours we sat reminiscing about the years gone by since we graduated from Architecture school and the fond memories of pushing our instructors to allow us to work on design projects as a team.  We knew right then what was about to happen.  We sketched out our logo and talked about the concept of performing “Architecture Anywhere” – meaning we knew the three of us would never be living in the same region.  This quickly evolved into the original  A2The concept for our studio was fine tuned over the next coupe of months, and one by one we left our current jobs and entered full force into our dream, where we sought to create all things “Architecture + Art”.

10 years later we remain proud of our achievements.  We are still the best of friends, still professional partners, and we are still each pursuing our desired lifestyles in the regions we choose to live.  With three active studios in San Diego, California, Santa Rosa, California, and New York, New York, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and have our minds on the pulse of all things design related.

As we approach the mid-year of 2015 we find that we successfully weathered the economic downturn and make significant note that 2014 ended as one of our best yet; As of June 2015 we will have completed construction on 2 new wine making facilities, 1 contemporary hospitality pavilion, a private wine cellar, the reconstruction of an historic train stop,  2 residential remodels, and 4 schematic design packages for new construction projects, all within the span of 18 months.  In all of this excitement, we also felt it was time to create a new image for studio and the future achievements to come.

Now, we welcome you to explore our projects, our studio, our services, and most importantly the things that we can do “for you”!  Without you or success means nothing to us.  We look forward to the next 10 years and the relationships we will form along the way.  Once again…thank you!

Cheers –

Jessie Whitesides, Architect

Tony Garcia, Architect

Vince Stroop, Architect