Asquared Studios Wins Historical Resources Preservation Award

Historical Resources Preservation Award
City of San Diego
May, 2015

On May 28th, 2015, Asquared Studios Partner, Tony Garcia, received an Award of Excellence for Architectural Rehabilitation by the City of San Diego Historical Resources Board.  His work to rehabilitate the George & Kathagene McCormack House, HRB Site #1106, was focused on rehabilitating and preserving the home in an historically sensitive manner while respecting it’s unique qualities both internally and externally.  Along with he rehabilitation, the owners sought to create a comfortable master suite, remodel the main bathroom, enlarge the kitchen, and add a much needed garage with upper level guest quarters.  For complete project photographs please see the Levine Residence in the Projects – Residential portion of our website.  Join us in congratulating Tony!

Award Presentation Photo

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McCormack House Before + After Photos

HRB Award Certificate



Asquared Studios Principal Wins Award

Young Architect of the Year Award
San Diego, California
November, 2014

In the fall of 2014 our Partner, Tony Garcia, was named the San Diego AIA’s, Young Architect of the Year. The announcement generated several press releases and interviews available for download here, and even inspired the best form of recognition an Architect can receive: Personal letters of praise from past clients.


This is great news, and it certainly is a well-deserved award!  Congratulations!

After we met in November 2005 and engaged A² Studios in January 2006 to be the architect for our home renovation in Point Loma, Jen and I had an amazingly positive experience working with you and your team to develop and complete all aspects of the architectural, interior, and landscape design, select the general contractor, and provide oversight on our behalf and timely problem-solving leadership throughout the construction phase.  In June 2008, when we moved back from Maryland, the finished home captured the modern design esthetic and design integrity you had taught us to expect.  Your skills as guide and teacher were instrumental in keeping us focused on a design that more than met our desire for a functional, modern home, while greatly exceeded our expectations in terms of architectural features and details.  Now, more than six years later, we’re pleased to say that our home really works well.  We can easily see your attention to detail reflected in all parts of our home.  Thank you for greatly improving our dream and then making it a reality.

Again, congratulations on your AIA award!

Best regards,

Pete & Jen Lobner

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