Northbay Fires Day 19

Extent of Fire devastation begins to become evident

Asquared Studios comes to the end of the third week of the Northbay Fires with a new perspective.  This morning, the news has described the Tubbs and Nuns fires to be 4 days from complete containment.  Firefighters must continue to check fire lines and search for hot spots.  For many, this work seems to be happening in the background this week.  The skies have cleared and we have had a week full of oddly hot days, people returning to work, and wineries working hard to finalize the harvest season.  Our partner, Jessie Whitesides, is no exception in getting back to work in an effort to establish a small bit of normalcy.  Getting back to work included traveling to our current job sites for the first time since the fires began.  She inspected sites in Glen Ellen, Sonoma, and Yountville, and has been left with the overwhelming feeling of WOW!  There is a new shape to our beloved and distinct landscapes; new views have opened up, the colors of the hillsides have changed, and the remnants of beloved structures and lives remain in piles of ash amongst a selection of relics that stand like skeletons awaiting their opportunity to impose fright to the rituals of the upcoming Halloween festivities.

It is difficult not to become a rubbernecker … not out of interest in determining what happened, but out to of true amazement at the awesome destruction that ravaged our counties just 2 weeks ago. The site of firefighters, the forest service, utility companies, and tree trimmers are everywhere. Traveling on some of our most rural roads reveal entirely new views over our valleys and a dramatic sense of how quickly the fire moved across the ground surfaces.  Guardrails are twisted and fence lines are incomplete, both with wood posts burnt from the ground up with the tops of posts still attached to their horizontal barriers.  Even with all of this there seems to be a strong under current of community remaining strong and coming together to clean this mess up and move on with our fortunate lives.  At Asquared Studios we applaud this, and we will do everything possible to offer our expertise to these efforts.

Asquared Studios expected this event to affect our business.  The affect is just now becoming evident in the shear volume of calls we have received in a short number of days.  Anyone who has worked with us in the past knows that our primary mission is to provide a high level of professional services to our clients with a unique Principal Led Delivery System.  What this means to our clients is that each and every one of our projects receives the personal attention of a studio principal throughout the entirety of each project (see our “for you” section of our website for additional information). We are committed to offering this same level of service while working though this rebuilding period.  Our partners, Tony Garcia and Jessie Whitesides are currently developing a strategy that will allow us to service each and every one of you that have been recommended to us through our beloved network of clients and friends, because together #WEBUILDWINECOUNTRY!