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Asquared Studios Gets Involved with the Community

Asquared is the Architectural Consultant for the Roseland Village Re-Development Team

Asquared Studios Partners Tony Garcia and Jessie Whitesides are proud to be members of the new Roseland Village project in Santa Rosa.  Selected to be the Architectural Consultants in collaboration with Kellogg and Associates, Asquared is excited to be a part of new mixed use re-development project in the heart of the Roseland area of Santa Rosa.  The project is to include a public Plaza, Mercado, Joe Rodota Trail improvements and affordable and market rate housing.

On Wednesday night we participated in the well attended community design workshop at Roseland Community Center.  It was an inspiring evening and a great opportunity to meet the residents that this project will benefit.  We found the evening to be a huge design success!  Kevin Kellogg hosted the evening with MidPen Housing and the Sonoma County CDC with the goal of having the residents get involved with the project design features.  This workshop structure allowed each resident to have a voice in the vision for the features of the outdoor plaza, site circulation, and landscape masterplan.  Each design team member conducted 3 exercises with smaller groups of residents; the exercises included mapping out the current circulation patterns around and through the site, recognizing the current features and destinations in the area as well as defining future destinations they would like to see, and inspirational image recognition and story telling.  The community was overwhelmingly engaged, and the story telling component provided the design team with invaluable feedback for the spirit of the anticipated design and masterplan.

The next community design workshop is scheduled for October.  In the upcoming workshop the development team will be presenting 3 design options for the masterplan that account for all of the information and inspiration gathered from the first workshop.  The residents will have the opportunity to offer comments on each design, helping the design team to develop the final masterplan direction.  We look forward to seeing the Roseland Residents in October!

jessie-roseland-workshop tony-roseland-workshop

ASU Magazine

Tony Garcia ’95 BSD
Structure + Service

Asquared Studios’ partner honored with an alumni mini-feature in ASU Magazine.

Tony Garcia, AIA, Architect is the subject of a mini-feature in the current issue of ASU Magazine.  Profiled as an outstanding Alumni, Tony explains the origins of his passion for architecture and design, and how that has led him to becoming one of the most notable Architects in San Diego.

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Tony Gacria – Service and Structure

Asquared Studios Collaborates with The Professional Music World

Designing a MDI Foot Controller For a Professional Musician

One of the things we find so interesting about our profession is that the expertise we have gained over the years to have a critical eye and an exceptional aptitude for attention to detail, can be applied to the “design” of many things outside of the architectural realm.

A couple of months ago my brother Jody Whitesides, approached me to help him realize a vision he developed for a much needed, compact, complete, and technology driven MDI foot controller.  As a professional musician he recognized that the industry was missing a vital piece of integrated equipment that would make the show playing life of a musician much easier.  He had a desire to create it.

When he first reached out to me he described his vision and the research he had completed for manufacturing, expenses, and his expectation for performance.  Knowing very little about the music industry I could offer nothing about the effectiveness about his ideas, but I could lend my expertise to the process of material selection, design, and assembly as well as the development of the shop drawing information for the successful manufacturing of the equipment.  Over the course of a couple of weeks he assembled the precise measurements and information that I requested from him, until finally we were at the point I could give life to his ideas.  For hours we would screen share while he watched me draw his foot pedal.  I completed the plan, sections, and elevations while he decided on a identity and a logo.  The result of our collaboration: “HIVE”

HIVE is an all in one MDI foot controller now used by Jody at his live performances.  It incorporates traditional foot pedals, device switches and buttons, and adds a USB hub and connections, as well as powers a high definition screen set to mirror his computer, to provide live visual feedback, allowing masterful control of the sound coming from his guitars.  We are proud to present the video below of HIVE!  Our first collaboration between Architecture and Music.

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Architecture Merit Award

The Richard’s Grove Pavilion Honored
AIA San Diego Architecture Merit Award

Asquared Studios’ newest hospitality design was honored at the 2015 AIA-SD Design Awards

On Thursday, October 29, at the AIA San Diego Design Awards, The Richard’s Grove Pavilion received the Merit Award for Architecture, and the impressions were overwhelming – “The jury stated at first glance, this design is really beautiful.”

Richard’s Grove Pavilion in Windsor, California, was completed in January 2015. Envisioned as an 110 seat event and hospitality pavilion by Jackson Family Investments, it can be used either as the focal point of an event, or as the backdrop and secondary element for reception. Of utmost importance is the flexibility of use that the structure has allowed.  Using a simple yet specific material pallet of concrete, structural steel, glass, and redwood, the Pavilion is designed to offer a high level of transparency.

With offices in downtown Santa Rosa, CA, and San Diego, CA,  Asquared Studios was challenged with the task of creating a suitable design for the pavilion and developing a master plan for the entire site that would leave the majestic “grove” open and pristine to it’s natural conditions. At the initial site visit, Asquared Studios found themselves inspired by the masters of the international style of Architecture, a period in which materials such as steel and glass were used in new and unique ways to open up the inside of a structure to the outside landscape, and create a new level of transparency between the built and natural environments.

The Pavilion is precisely elevated and appears to float above the surrounding grade allowing for the natural flooding of the site each year. The building is intentionally symmetrical with the long transparent facades facing the grove and the caboose, and the ends complimented by redwood slatted boxes with punctured openings to create a unique entry point to one side and a juxtaposed (indoor + outdoor) fire feature at the other. The use of custom tilt-up doors facing the grove provide a unique canopy over the stage which hovers above the ground plane, while large bottom rolling sliders open the opposite side of the space to the Santa Fe caboose.  The elevated structure has a strong connection to the restored Santa Fe Caboose serving the pavilion, reminiscent of a train that has pulled into a station.

Tesla and Tasting

Asquared Studios and Mending Wall Winery Install Tesla Charging Station
Napa County
August, 2015

As Architects we are faced with the challenges of meeting all sorts of local and federal codes and regulations while solving the design problems that our clients approach us with in each and every project.  In recent years the number of challenges we face has increased exponentially with the requirements of “green” or “sustainable” design movements.  In California we have incorporated a Green Building Code into our standard level of practice, and at Asquared Studios, we have found that with the growing pains for accepting what these means to design solutions waining, the silver linings are rising.  A whole new world of research, materials, and technology has opened up.  For example, we have been provided the opportunity to become more aware of the trends in the automobile industry to provide alternate fuel vehicles to the market.  One of the largest influences on the industry is Tesla Motors.  With their technology reaching into the future, the accessories and services they offer inspire attractive solutions to the requirements we now face in the design of preferred parking and charging areas at commercial + public building designs.

At our recently completed design for the Mending Wall Winery, we feel proud to have had the opportunity to be introduced to the charging units and services that Tesla provides it’s customers.  The owners of Mending Wall had the foresight to not only move forward with the installation of the now required electric vehicle charging stations in the visitor parking area, but to make one of these stations the modern and attractive Tesla specific charging station.  Now, Tesla driving visitors can find their way to the Mending Wall Winery and enjoy an exceptional tasting experience and all the while charging their vehicle.  See the Tesla website for all available Tesla specific charging stations.

Tesla Motors – Mending Wall Winery

Living Pictures With Lytro Illum

Asquared Studios Explores Living Pictures with Lytro
Sonoma County
June, 2015

A couple of months ago Jessie Whitesides, my partner and Architect, shared a discovery with me about a camera and technology that was new to us. She called with excitement to tell me about a product by the name of LYTRO, exclaiming, “can you image being able to change the focal point after the picture is taken?”. Of course the promise of this sounded great. Because we make every effort to take all of our project photos ourselves, we wondered if this technology might have benefit to manipulate our photos in post production to focus exactly on the features we want to highlight.  We did not necessarily make moves to explore the camera immediately, but on my recent trip to Santa Rosa we decided to give it a try as we were looking to capture new project images.

We headed to Shutterbug Camera and became the first to rent their LYTRO.  The technology is so new that no one in the store was able to give us any advice, in fact they asked us to provide feedback to them when we returned the camera.  The learning curve with this technology is both fast and slow. We spent about an hour watching tutorials on the Lytro website, and began to get a sense of what a LIVING PICTURE is. From there we jumped in head first and started shooting our recently completed project “Richards Grove Pavilion”.  We quickly came to realize that the camera itself does not necessarily function for us the way we anticipated, and may not be the best tool to shoot overall architectural images. The camera does however, allow you to bring the finer details to life; just like as their tagline states, this is an amazing camera to capture people (and the details of those people). They refer to their images as ‘Living Pictures’.

By harnessing the entire light field, the  LYTRO ILLUM, allows you to explore focus, perspective, and depth of field within a single image in post production.

We took the camera to our recently opened winery project, Mending Wall Winery. There we were able to capture a few detail shots. The images with people as part of the context have more impact but we also managed to capture a couple of building angles that worked well. The camera software is intuitive and easy to use and it allows you to export their native file type either as a movie file or a jpeg (picture file).

As Jessie and I considered the possibilities, we imagined that if this technology could be applied to cell phone technology, people would love it. We may not run out and purchase our own LYTRO but we will certainly rent it again when needed. Take a look at some of the images and movies we captured here. You may just be inspired to tap into your inner artist and go capture a few “Living Images” of your own.

Cheers – Tony Garcia, AIA, Architect

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Living Bike Rack

Living Wine Sip

Living Bar Detail


Asquared Studios Wins Historical Resources Preservation Award

Historical Resources Preservation Award
City of San Diego
May, 2015

On May 28th, 2015, Asquared Studios Partner, Tony Garcia, received an Award of Excellence for Architectural Rehabilitation by the City of San Diego Historical Resources Board.  His work to rehabilitate the George & Kathagene McCormack House, HRB Site #1106, was focused on rehabilitating and preserving the home in an historically sensitive manner while respecting it’s unique qualities both internally and externally.  Along with he rehabilitation, the owners sought to create a comfortable master suite, remodel the main bathroom, enlarge the kitchen, and add a much needed garage with upper level guest quarters.  For complete project photographs please see the Levine Residence in the Projects – Residential portion of our website.  Join us in congratulating Tony!

Award Presentation Photo

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McCormack House Before + After Photos

HRB Award Certificate



10 Amazing Years!

Dear Friends, Clients, and Colleagues,

The day has finally come, Asquared Studios has reached a milestone and we wanted to extend a hearty thank you! It is with great pleasure that we announce our 10th anniversary! Ten years of hard work, sincere referrals, repeat clients, and most importantly long lasting friendships. We appreciate all of the time and resources that each of you have brought to us to help us get to where we are today. Thank you for trusting us with your dreams.  This trust has not only allowed us to amass an amazing portfolio of work, but has attributed to the strengthening of the bond and professional respect that the managing partners have with each other.

Asquared Studios was imagined in 2004 by Jessie Whitesides, Tony Garcia, and Vince Stroop.  We were sitting on the floor around a coffee table, re-united for a significant birthday celebration, sharing the trials and tribulations that each of us were facing with our current employments. For hours we sat reminiscing about the years gone by since we graduated from Architecture school and the fond memories of pushing our instructors to allow us to work on design projects as a team.  We knew right then what was about to happen.  We sketched out our logo and talked about the concept of performing “Architecture Anywhere” – meaning we knew the three of us would never be living in the same region.  This quickly evolved into the original  A2The concept for our studio was fine tuned over the next coupe of months, and one by one we left our current jobs and entered full force into our dream, where we sought to create all things “Architecture + Art”.

10 years later we remain proud of our achievements.  We are still the best of friends, still professional partners, and we are still each pursuing our desired lifestyles in the regions we choose to live.  With three active studios in San Diego, California, Santa Rosa, California, and New York, New York, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and have our minds on the pulse of all things design related.

As we approach the mid-year of 2015 we find that we successfully weathered the economic downturn and make significant note that 2014 ended as one of our best yet; As of June 2015 we will have completed construction on 2 new wine making facilities, 1 contemporary hospitality pavilion, a private wine cellar, the reconstruction of an historic train stop,  2 residential remodels, and 4 schematic design packages for new construction projects, all within the span of 18 months.  In all of this excitement, we also felt it was time to create a new image for studio and the future achievements to come.

Now, we welcome you to explore our projects, our studio, our services, and most importantly the things that we can do “for you”!  Without you or success means nothing to us.  We look forward to the next 10 years and the relationships we will form along the way.  Once again…thank you!

Cheers –

Jessie Whitesides, Architect

Tony Garcia, Architect

Vince Stroop, Architect