Looking Forward to the New Year

Reflection on 2018 and Projection for 2019

As we reflect on the past year, we are grateful as always for the health and happiness of our clients, friends and family members. Mid-Year, we passed our 13 year mark since incorporating our studio. We are full of joy and gratitude to continue to practice what we love.  

This year also gave us time to reflect on the continued evolution of our thought process when it comes both to the built environment and how we interpret the interaction between our clients and their completed projects. New project challenges are always arising and we meet them with rigorous effort to overcome unforeseen obstacles. 

Of the most notable lessons learned and recognized this year, is that the craft of communication is and continues to be ever changing and evolving across the 24+ years we have invested in our profession. We take this aspect of our process seriously and often reflect on the research Jessie completed for her Masters Thesis for which she research the paradigm of Architect – Client Communication.  As it always has been, communication is “key” to the success of any project.  

Personally, this year we were fortunate to spend face time together (and we do not mean “facetime” on a phone), but actual invested time to reflect and grow together. We travelled together to Phoenix, New York, and across California.  In Phoenix we reconnected with our Alma Mater – ASU – to receive the distinct honor of being awarded membership to the Sun Devil 100 Class of 2018.  On our trip to New York during the summer, we attended the AIA conference, experienced some amazing new design projects, and celebrated Tony’s Young Architect of the Year Award. Then in the fall we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving together in Santa Rosa, California. We turned it into a road trip and drove down to San Diego, with a pitstop in Los Angeles. Equally ready for an adventure, we extended our planned day in Los Angeles to experience an art installation by Yayoi Kusama after our planned visit to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Not to be outdone, was an early preview of a new way to experience Virtual Reality by Dreamscape Immersive. These were all great experiences that help us see the world in a different way, and inspire us to move into the year ahead!

As we say farewell to 2018, we look forward to all that 2019 has to offer, and wish everyone a prosperous New Year!  Cheers from Tony, Capri, Jessie, Kola, and Mariana!