Winery architecture is unique to us in its capacity to be driven by two forces simultaneously. It is a challenging building typology in that the design is developed from a symbiotic relationship between the technology and individual methods of winemaking and the compelling story of brand identity and marketing.


Hospitality architecture is a powerful expression of brand identity and recognition. With each design, we seek to evoke an emotional response from the occupants visiting the space. The emotions are created by the effects of scale, proportion, light, and color.


Designing a home is a deeply personal experience that often presents exclusive design challenges. Our dynamic response to the identified design goals relies on passionate client participation and vision to synthesize a cohesive design solution that is a reflection of our client and their desired aesthetic.

Asquared Designed Exterior House

Work in progress

The architectural process can be recognized as one of the greatest challenges of combining technical, practical, legal requirements with artistic, spatial, and emotional dreams. This process will take on many forms and may span several years before any physical structure is realized.