Asquared is a contemporary design studio seeking to embrace projects that present us with the challenges of vernacular living within the context of our modern environment. We believe that our clients come first, and that all projects require an interactive collaboration to develop an artfully crafted result. We are invigorated by the notion that the basic fundamentals of function and cost can be translated into sophisticated spaces, elegant details, and environmental sustainability.

By offering and providing a principal-led delivery system we have taken great care to shape our practice into a uniquely responsive and personable studio design experience. Throughout our careers, we have successfully collaborated with a wide range of clients to satisfy diverse set of goals . Our projects include residential, winery and hospitality, commercial, and interior improvement projects; as well as graphic Identity packages, brochures, and website design concepts.

Our wide-ranging portfolio is rooted in a never ending curiosity in how we live and work today, and the pleasure we take in collectively solving design challenges through research, strategic thinking, spatial analysis and a focus on craft.

With studios located in San Diego and Sonoma County, we are able to identify with our constantly developing modern world.

Tony Garcia, AIA

Principal • Architect

As an architect, Tony Garcia has cultivated a talent for thoughtful and efficient designs. He translates his technical expertise and belief that effective management is essential to realizing good design, into best practices for navigating complicated design issues, achieving entitlements and guiding construction processes.

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Lucille & Kola

Friends • Mascots

Lucille and Kola are essential members of our studio. Capri enjoys long walks along the sunny shores of San Diego. Kola is big into wine tasting (not a drinker, but appreciates the scenery) and loves traveling to his second home in Torrey, Utah.

Jessie Whitesides, NCARB

Principal • Architect

Jessie Whitesides has a passion for quality and craftsmanship in everything she does. These values come naturally to Jessie, who grew up among artists and designers. As one of the founding principals of Asquared studios, she brings and enormous talent for simple and elegant design.

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