The Fire Devastation Continues

Our Hearts go out to those in Southern California

It is Friday Morning December the 8th, 2017.  The fires in Northern California are now 2 months old.  Our community has been recovering strong with an amazing amount of volunteers, new organizations, many fundraising benefits, and an impressive amount of clean up completed.  As Architects, we have essentially had our boots on the ground advising those who have suffered loss, exploring individual moments of devastation, and coming to terms with the ways in which we can offer our expertise in a capacity that is effective and affordable.

With the burst of fires in Southern California, the on-going disasters are now moving toward our Southern California studio in San Diego.  Our hearts go out to those that now face the fight that we are just now coming to terms within Northern California.  Asquared Studios would like to let everyone know that we encourage you to use as a resource as much as possible in navigating the difficult process that comes next.

Please look back through our journal posts over the last two months to find the information that we offered with regards to fire recovery.  Also feel free to reach out to us to simply ask questions.  We are here FOR YOU!

With Love – Tony, Jessie, Capri, and Kola.